Alison Roman’s Apricot-Riesling Jam

I’ve never made jam before this week. I found one recipe for blueberry chia jam, was intrigued & now I can’t stop.

This is a recipe Alison Roman (who I’m completely & utterly obsessed with) created for bon appétit (who I’m completely & utterly obsessed with). So naturally, making it was what would follow.

(I’ve attached the link below if you want to try this for yourself!)

This jam requires 3 whole ingredients:

  • apricots
  • riesling
  • sugar
You combine them in a heavy pot without heat to let the juices release. The waiting was the hardest part.
This was the under $10 bottle of riesling used. In the words of Ina G. “Store bought is fine,”
once heat has been applied the sugars start to concentrate causing the liquid to become more translucent. unlike making the blueberry jam where the blueberries burst open with heat, the apricots seemed to need a bit of help from the stirring process to break them up.
& here is the final result after waiting. I’m incredibly excited to have this paired with a charcuterie board & some soft spreadable cheese.

Alison Roman’s Apricot Riesling Jam
• link for those interested •