Welcome to the Batchelor Pad!

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and check out my recipes (& maybe even read my tips and tricks). Much like my home, whether we’re old friends, new friends or you’re just here for the food I want to welcome you in & share some food with ya.

a few things you can expect to find here:

  • one pan meals! My kitchen (I call it “the cave”) is the perfect size for a single woman, but still isn’t all the counter space or storage space in the world. Simple meals with minimal single-use tools & easy cleanup are a staple here at the Batchelor Pad.
  • desserts! If you give a girl a cookie… she’ll ask you for the other 12… Nothing beats a piece of pie or coffee cake after a long day. & if you stick around you might just find a mean cookie recipe or 5…
  • comfort food! As a current Oklahoma City resident & former Kentuckian with Alabama roots I am a connoisseur of carbs & calories. This is a house where we make it from scratch most days & other days you’ve just gotta throw a can of cream of chicken in the crockpot.
  • I hope this blog serves as a fun tool for me to share the meals I make in my home with you, encourages young singles to make food at home more often, & helps busy moms with tips & tricks for quick, healthy, minimal mess meals

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